Let's Get Stylish!

I wanted to chat a bit about what photographic style is. There’s so many different opinions out there about this. The two main competing ideas are that style is the subject matter or genre and that style is the overall feel or look. I think the latter makes a lot more sense, especially when you look at the actual dictionary definition of the word.

Genre on the other hand is the subject matter. A photographer can shoot multiple genres in all one style or have differing styles for each genre. A photographer’s PRIMARY style should be consistent and recognizable across genres. While genre can become a PART of the overall style, the subject matter isn't the style.

So then…what IS style?

Style is considered all of the elements of how a photographer shoots and edits their photographs. This may include things such as equipment used, composition, lighting, framing, colors, saturation, post processing techniques, ect. Style is how a photographer chooses to combine each and every one of these into the final product.

This is an area photographers need to be proactive about. If they aren’t seeking out their style after they’ve covered the basics, then they’re holding themselves back. I definitely didn’t do that. For about a decade after when I should have started, I ignored it and my photography and confidence suffered because it.