Most Loved and Hated Photography Step

I’m writing this as a break from sorting photos, one of my least and most favorite tasks. It’s tedious, so it’s on the list of least fave photo jobs. But it’s also nice to go through and see the final products of my work as I decide what to show off and what to keep for myself.

In this case, I’m finishing up sorting photos from the trip I took last month to Florida. I did a 24 hour drive by myself, camped, then stayed in a hotel by the beach. It was quite the experience! Now that photos are all retouched, the final task is to sort them and decide what I’m going to show the world. It’s awesome to get this chance to relive a little bit of my trip, to relive the prettier parts of it anyway.

That’s one of the many things about photography that I’m in love with. I get the chance to relive beautiful moments.

Not everything about this experience was great, but in my photos, I get to choose how I’m representing the trip I took. And I’m choosing to focus on what I loved about it: the personal growth, the beautiful wildlife, the stunning sunrises.

Being a photographer is definitely the coolest. I don’t just get to enjoy the process of taking photos. And I don’t just get to relive the moments I experience when I look at them later. I get to curate and create a series of photos that reflect how I felt about those moments. And then I get to relive it as I’m retouching the photos I made and again when I sort through them.

Then the final step is sharing them with you! My favorite of all! So make sure to keep checking the site for all the awesome photo updates.