Ugh...I'm not proud of these photos :(

Last month, right before heading to Thailand, I took photos of my niece’s birthday party. I was really excited to do this for her (and for my sister-in-law), but with such a big trip coming up, I was definitely a bit off my game.

On top of that, the skate rink they went too didn’t have the best lighting. Inadequate lighting, lots of moving people, and me off my game… yikes! Not a good combination. And unfortunately, it showed.

The photos weren’t awful, but they were far from my best work. I missed a lot of shots that I’d wanted to get. And when I did get the shots I wanted, often times they just didn’t look that great. My sister-in-law had offered to pay me but I was glad that I turned her down.

But I did take the opportunity to have some fun with the photos I did get. My niece is a huge Harry Potter fun (just like her mom), so there was quite the Harry Potter theme going on. It was the perfect opportunity to play around and add some sparkles to the shots!

I figured if I didn’t get the number of great shots I wanted, I could at least give them something unique and extra fun from the ones I did get. And ya know what? It worked out! I may not be in love with the work I did overall, but the memories were still created and I was still able to capture them.

Sometimes, ya just gotta roll with it. You won’t always get the shots you want and you’ll definitely have off times. That pressure to perform is one of the reasons I moved away from doing events and human portraits. Wildlife is far less demanding. Some people love that pressure though, and I think that’s awesome! Either way, it’s important to have fun with what you’re doing and go easy on yourself when you don’t do as well as you’d like.